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Dreveník National Nature Reserve

Dreveník National Nature Reserve is the biggest travertine formation at the Slovakian side of the Carpathians. It’s one of the oldest protected areas in Slovakia. Dreveník is the place, where the well-known historic discovery of a mammoth’s fossil was made. read more

Dreveník National Nature Reserve is located in Hornádská kotlina, in the cadastral territory of the towns of Žehra and Spišské Podhradie and it’s one of the oldest protected areas in Slovakia.

Dreveník is the biggest travertine formation in Slovakia (3 square kilometres), which together with other formations make this beautiful, natural scenery complete: Ostrá hora, Kozia hora, Spiš Castle, Sobotisko, Pažica and Sivá brada

Dreveník massif was formed already in The Tertiary and the layer of travertines in this region reaches 100 metres in some places. Karst processes created an impressive formation, which grant the natural reserve its final look. Definitely, the caves are the most beautiful here, in particular: Ľadová, Peklo, Kosťová and Puklinová.

A pass at the western side, where most fossils of plants and animals were found in the form of imprints and bones, has a mystical character. The most interesting findings are the fossilized egg of a little ringed plover and the remains of a mammoth.

The reserve is characteristic with its mixed flora. Tourists can witness mountain plants such as: tall fescue, Alpine currant, round-headed rampion, ranunculus oreophilus, carex humilis and festuca pallens.

The protected area is part of the Sivá Brada – Dreveník educational trail, where guests can see the so-called travertine hills, which represent an important, natural phenomenon in this part of Spiš. The trail is 14.5 kilometre long. The route starts at the Sivá Brada mineral spring and leads east to Jazierko natural monument, which is a travertine hill.

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